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90% of our project team members are certified auditors and certified industrial professionals, and our consultants have been trained in IT Security Penetration Testing, Security Assessment, Computer Crime Forensic Investigation, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISO 9001:2015 QMS.

LGMS is currently the largest, most established and organized Penetration Testing firm in Malaysia, with 13 years and more of experience in providing specialized professional penetration testing services locally and abroad.


Company Established and First Oversea Partnership Formed

  • Partnering with various multinational organisations such as IBM for several years, LE Global Services Sdn Bhd (LGMS) was officially established.

  • LGMS also announced its first International partnership with MILE2, an IT Security Training Academy who provide trainings for U.S law enforcement agencies, intelligence community & military.


Second International Partnership Established

  • LGMS announced the second International partnership with Professional Evaluation & Certification Board (PECB) – this has brought American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited trainings and examinations into Malaysia.

  • LGMS still is the first and only authorized PECB Trainer and Examiner in Malaysia.


First Malaysian Cybersecurity Firm To Certified With ISO/IEC 27001:2005

  • LGMS specialises in Professional Cybersecurity Testing, hence it was crucial to assure highest professional due care in handling client’s sensitive information.

  • LGMS took the initiative and established the Information Security Management System (ISMS), and was later obtain a formal certification from DQS, marking LGMS the first Cybersecurity firm to obtain ISO/IEC 27001:2005 in the country.


First Office Setup at Taman Esplanade, Bukit Jalil

  • This marked as the start of LGMS’ expansion and the begining of the largest penetration-testing firm in the country.

  • By this time, the team has grown to 8 local permanent security consultants and engineers.


First Malaysian Cybersecurity Firm To Achieve PCI-Approved Scanning Vendor Status

  • LGMS became the first and still (as of May 2018) the only Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council (PCI SSC) – Approved Scanning Vendor in the country. There were less than 110 companies globally at the time who achieved this status.

  • LGMS was also the first Cybersecurity firm that provide Cyber Risk insurance coverage on penetration testing projects.


Moving Office to Setiawalk, Puchong

  • LGMS’ positive growth led to a relocation to 1,800 square feet office with the conceptual design of casual and creative.

  • The team has doubled in size.

  • Continue to serve major financial institutes and telecommunication organisation locally and abroad, LGMS has also expanded it professional services into verious vertical industries such as energy, plantation, outsourcing, logistic and others.


Second Office Setup in Setiawalk, Puchong

  • LGMS’ aggressive growth rate led to a further expansion into another 1,800 square feet floor within the same building.

  • Dedicated training rooms were setup in this new floor, the training facilities can cater up to 20 trainees at one go.

  • By this time, the professional team size has expanded to 20 local permanent consultants and engineers.


Software Security Assurance Program & Forensic Lab Were Launched

  • LGMS specialised skills, techniques, methodologies and knowledges in Source Codes Review are now widely recognised locally and abroad. LGMS became the first Malaysian Cybersecurity firm to launched Software Security Assurance (SSA) Program with TÜV Nord.

  • A formal and dedicated digital forensic laboratory was established. LGMS started to invest heavily into digital forensic and computer crime investigations equipments.


PCI-Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) & Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

  • LGMS invested more budget into professional training, R&D and skillset growth this year.

  • 3 senior security consultants were sent to first PCI-Qualified Security Assessor(QSA) training held by PCI SSC in Asia, and all of them successfully obtained the PCI QSA qualification.

  • This achievement also indicated that LGMS just became the only Cybersecurity firm in the country that is holding both PCI-QSA and PCI-ASV status.

  • LGMS can now issue full PCI compliance status to any organisations that require PCI DSS compliance.

  • Another 3 senior security consultants were trained and successfully achieved personal certifications in OSCP – which is one of the most respected Penetration Testing certification in the world.

  • Founder and CEO of the company, Mr Fong CF also received the award of “Cybersecurity Professional Of The Year”. The award was issued by Cyber Security Malaysia – A government agency under the governance of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


Cybersecurity Company Of The Year, CREST recognition & ISO/IEC 17025

  • Another major milestone unlocked, as LGMS won the “Cybersecurity Company Of The Year” award.

  • LGMS become the Cybersecurity icon of the country as Mr Fong CF became regular speaks in public media such as radio & television. He is also regularly featured on newspaper, magazines, online news and publicly regarded as the The Expert in the field of Cybersecurity.

  • Driven by The Central Bank of Malaysia’s initiative, LGMS became the first Cybersecurity firm in the country that obtain the CREST certification – a global recognition on specialised penetration testing services firm.

  • Subsidiary of LGMS, LGMS Infosec Lab Sdn Bhd has obtained another industry certification – The ISO/IEC17025 certification, in delivering world class specialised penetration testing services in a laboratory and controlled environment.


Major Expansion and Establishment of Asia Cybersecurity Exchange (AsiaCyberX)

  • The unstoppable growth has propelled LGMS to establish Asia Cybersecurity Exchange (AsiaCyberX) – the first Cybersecurity hub in the region with a physical built size of 9,000 square feet

  • As the sole operator of AsiaCyberX, LGMS equipped the majority of the office with dedicated Cybersecurity testing labs and a formal digital forensic lab.

  • Using AsiaCyberX as a platform, LGMS contributes to the industry by collaborating with various local and international academies to prepare start-ups and training up professionals.

  • There were a number of oversea offices established around the region in the same year.

  • By now, LGMS has presence around the globe by delivering services in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.